SISMAS: A Holiday Spectacular with Seth Rudetsky


Winter 2022

By Sis Thee Doll

Associate Directed by Alexandra VanZwieten

Produced by Sis Thee Doll, Jess Arrazolo, and Alexandra VanZwieten

Featuring Shaunice Maudlyn Alexander, Nile Andah, Aviva, Arnold Harper II, Hailey Kilgore, Chris King, Giulia Marolda, Dariana Mullen, Brandon Michael Nase, Elora von Rosch, Mars Rucker, Si Si, Jordan Wynn, and Rachel Zegler

So Tell Me About This Guy

2022 Directors Spotlight

Spring 2022

by Dolores Whiskeyman

Directed by Alexandra VanZwieten

Featuring Chaeyeon Kim and Hayleigh Hart Franklin

Presented at TheaterLab in conjunction with the 2022 Pace Senior Directors Spotlight

Overseen by Gabriel Stelian-Shanks and The Drama League

Blessed Are The Girls stage adaptation

2022 Night of Original Work Festival

Winter 2022

Devised by Lucy Garcia, Alexandra VanZwieten, and Margaret Wehr

Directed by Alexandra VanZwieten

Featuring Angelina Boris, Lucy Garcia, and Margaret Wehr

Blessed Are The Girls is a project that Alexandra feels particularly proud of and connected to. Learn more about its past, present, and future on its subpage.

Our stage adaptation is the product of a year-long devising process and is adapted from Mariana Enriquez's short story Our Lady of the Quarry. We're looking forward to adapting our stage adaptation into a feature film.

"There is tremendous power in moments of surrender, but you are not meant to surrender."

Fun Home filmed adaptation

Spring 2021

By Lisa Kron and Jeanine Tesori

Directed by Alexandra VanZwieten

Videography by Nate Martin

Featuring Lauren "Coco" Cohn, Emma Diner, and Alyssa Cassese

Who Do You Think I Am? Short Film

Summer 2020

Written, directed, shot, and conceptualized by Alexandra VanZwieten

Featuring Donya Rahimi

"To move forward in a changed word, she must be willing to drown the past."

Creep Multimedia Project

Winter 2019

Directed, written, and conceptualized by Alexandra VanZwieten

Featuring Sadithi DeZilva, Aris Federman, and Sherena Medford

Videography by Nate Martin

"I will descend into eternal damnation to watch your soul be consumed by the devil herself."

Cult Classics

Directed by Suzi Takahashi at 3LD

Spring & Fall 2019

Directed by Suzi Takahashi

Devised by Pace's International Performance Ensemble

"Tonight, you will join us as we dance madly on the mountainsides, to a chorus of hopes and fears, and how we all cope with the labors of existence."

Moon Over Buffalo

Stand Up! Productions

Fall 2019

By Ken Ludwig

Directed by Alexandra VanZwieten

Assistant directed by Tommy Doyle and Micheal Rybicki

Featuring Sylvia Czubarow, Iman Amini, Sadithi DeZilva, Aris Federman, Kathrine Alberta, and Aidan Everly

The Chain

The Crossed Path Players

Summer 2019

Conceptualized and co-directed by Doug Gallo and Alexandra VanZwieten

Assistant directed by Nicolette Okeefe

Featuring Marco Chiroboga, David Newman, Claire Levassure, Gianna Perazzo, Luke Cimorelli, and Nicole Fauci

"Never break the Chain."